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Don't be fooled by imitation copy cat products, which come in plastic containers without
expiration dates. Dr. Day specifically endorses the "YH International" brand, which
comes in glass bottles, is certified organic and has valid expiration dates.

Many products use the name Barley in their name as a take off of Dr. Hagiwara's Original BarleyGreen but they are not BarleyGreen. They are Copy Cat Products. Even though
the name Barley is used, Barleygreen is the official name of Dr. Hagiwara's Barley
Products. Only BarleyGreen was tested, grown and produced by Dr. Hagiwara
the founder and pioneer of BarleyGreen and other Barley related products.

BarleyGreen is the only Barley product as seen on National TV and endorsed by
Dr. Lorraine Day. It is the main product in her Home Juicing Program along
with Beta Beets, and Beta Carrots also seen on National TV.

Get the BEST, Get Dr. Hagiwara's ORIGINAL BARLEYGREEN. You and your body deserve it!!
Dr. Hagiwara
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BarleyGreen USA has them all and we only carry
Dr. Hagiwara's Original Products!!
BarleyGreen, Beta Beets, Beta Carrots
Nature's Trio
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Dr. Hagiwara's Original Barleygreen
is produced by YH International, Inc.
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